Myrrh & Co Florist

Whether it’s a celebratory bunch of flowers you’re after, a thank-you posy, french linen, candles, home decor, books or a crystal vase for someone special, Myrrh & Co is going to be your happy place.

Myrrh & Co is a reflection of our love of flowers and all things beautiful. We want everyone to have a little beauty in their life everyday. As a result we have created a beautiful and opulent space where our customers can enjoy a relaxed shopping experience.

Our mission statement can be translated from Latin as ‘send me the most beautiful flowers you have’ – and our flowers will not disappoint; each bouquet is delicately compiled for any occasion. We love to prepare a gorgeous bunch of flowers or a gift of real meaning and significance for the recipient. We enjoy chatting with the customer as we bring together the blooms and there is plenty to admire in our store and our clients enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Whether it is our freshly picked flowers or beautiful gifts we have something for anyone who likes to keep things simple and elegant.

Don’t wait for a special occasion, beauty should be enjoyed everyday. Come down and we’ll help you find a little bit beauty to add to your life.

Myrrh & Co Florists, Shop 9, The Cruise Deck, Mt Maunganui, Tauranga

Meet The Team

Carolyn Kane


Carolyn Kane, a self-confessed lover of “all things beautiful” couldn’t be happier. Surrounded by fresh market flowers, relaxing music and gorgeous home decor in her  Mt Maunganui store, Myrrh & Co, you can see why.

“I love coming in everyday and opening the boxes of fresh blooms. I’m doing what I love – creating with flowers  and gorgeous sensory giftware and home decor all day and meeting wonderful people.”

“I wanted to create a beautiful and curated sensory space where my customers could enjoy a relaxed shopping experience. My customers are free to sit and chat with me or browse the store while I wrap their flowers or gifts. It’s a place to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of music, flowers and beautiful aromas.”